Benefits of Learning STEM

Learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills from an early age are essential for students to prepare for success in our rapidly changing world.

How does STEM help Students?

Hands-on STEM learning in real-world scenarios helps students become enthusiastic, confident, lifelong learners.

We are the Right People for the Job in Nurturing your Kids

Personal development guidance by certified course leaders nurtures students’ 21st century skills

STEM skills are Essential in today’s Changing Times

The global economy is rapidly changing. Current jobs are disappearing due to automation, and new jobs are emerging because of technological advances. As our industries change, so do the skills they require. By 2030, automation, globalisation and flexibility will change what we do in every job. Internationally, there is a growing concern for developing STEM education to prepare students for a scientifically and technologically advanced society. The need for STEM education is more prevalent than ever.

CASE Space Academy is rich with multidisciplinary principles and is a hands-on way of developing students’ critical STEM-related skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication and most importantly curiosity and imagination. Honing these skills is essential for students to prepare themselves for success in the future.

Built on the foundation of seven survival skills, the CASE Space Academy learning framework consists of space themed courses, inquiry-based learning, and engaging personal development. Ensuring comprehensive learning, the program covers design engineering process and scientific methods all based around solving real-world space industry problems.

Ultimate Applied Space STEM Learning Framework


Immersive Hands-on
Engineering Design Process
Scientific Method

Applied STEM

Highly Engaged Students
Confident STEM Learners
Personal Development

Inquiry Based Learning

Real World Scenarios
Student Driven
Realtime Coaching

Seven Survival Skills

Transportable Skills
21st Century Ready
Adopting A Proven Concept

Personal Development

Growth Mindset
NASA Expert
Competency Skills

Authentic Space Activities

Hands-On Approach
Fun Activities
Innovative Delivery Medium

web, network, programming

CASE Space Academy delivers professional space-themed STEM learning in a fun, engaging and hands-on way from the comfort of your home. As the experts in space, CASE has a strong network with professionals in the United States space industry which ensures CASE Space Academy courses are authentic, based on contemporary space issues and current space missions. Today, students have the opportunity to get ahead with CASE Space Academy to learn, apply and master these skills for their future success.

With personal development integrated throughout CASE Space Academy courses, students will be guided in the principles of the Growth Mindset by Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck. The Growth Mindset focuses on developing a lifelong attitude that higher achievement is cultivated through effort. Through the Growth Mindset, students will learn to embrace challenges, develop resilience and be open to learning from mistakes, and understand that raw talents can be developed into strengths through effort.

The Seven Survival Skills for 21st Century

What is STEM?

STEM is an approach to learning that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and was developed to answer 21st century challenges5. Through incorporating STEM into education, students are not only improving their cognitive intelligence but more importantly students are developing a highly valuable skill set required for their future success – The Seven Survival Skills by Harvard Professor Dr. Tony Wagner

The Seven Survival Skills include:
> Critical thinking and problem-solving
> Collaboration across networks and leading by influence
> Agility and adaptability
> Initiative and entrpreneurialism
> Effective oral and written communication
> Accession and analysing information
> Curiosity and imagination

What Our Clients Say!

The STEM program organised by GoSTEM is very good. It brings out the spirit of Conquest! The Conquest for Space!
Foulques Bertholet
The programs conducted by GoSTEM are exciting and useful for our students because it develops their skills in the field of STEM and uses the hands-on approach, which is good for them.
Idris Hussin
Our visit to the GoSTEM Science Centre and Lab today was great! Thank you for entertaining our students. They highly enjoyed the STEM programs delivered.
Loujain Krouma

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