About Us

We work hard to provide you with the best and most innovative STEM programs available

GoSTEM focuses primarily on the development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related educational programs and exhibitions. The core business is bringing technology, people, ideas and education together to provide resources for awareness, development and encouragement of the abovementioned with the young and in the public domain. 

Our Mission

We engender a sense of interest and wonder in STEM related learning through intensive research, development and utilization of highly innovative programs and activities that have been tailored to meet the demands of our clients. This is done with functional connectivity to national curriculums in science.

Our objective is to encourage the young to consider careers in related professional fields. Preparatory work in this respect is a vital ingredient toward building technically competent societies. It is clearly evident that our techniques and methodology have resonance with our many participants from kindergarten to tertiary level services provided by us.

Our Partners

GoSTEM is a partner of Actura to promote CASE Study Programs. We work closely with these organizations to further STEAM education in Malaysia with aspirations to foster the next generation of brilliant minds and world leaders.

Actura’s mission is to empower youth to master the critical STEAM related skills set for their future success. Established in Australia since 2014, Actura provides the leading STEAM learning solution spanning from in-class FlipRobot robotics solution to out-of-class CASE International Study Programs. Actura is the exclusive global partner of CASE to co-develop and market the CASE International Study Programs and CASE Robotics Curriculum around the world.

The California Association for STEAM Education (CASE) is a non-profit organization founded in Cupertino, California. CASE was established by educators, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs to advocate excellence in STEAM education through the development and implementation of innovative in-classroom curriculum and extra-curricular education programs.

Our Team

Abraham Liew

Operations Director

Captain Faiz Kamaludin


Olivia Ooi

Marketing Director

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